What is Kissflow.com ?

Kissflow is a cloud-based forms automation solution that automate business processes and tracks performance. It is suitable for business of all sizes and industries.

Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions and approve pending tasks. It supports human resources (HR) process management including employee onboarding, time sheet management, vacation request approvals and invoice approval workflow.

The tool also offers purchase order management, payment-process approvals and purchase-requisition workflow processes. Kissflow integrates with Google Apps and other cloud-based applications such as WebHooks and Zapier End Point using integration APIs. The tool allows users to track process performance, monitor KPIs and generate reports using its analytics features. Other features include employee onboarding, vacation request, purchase request and travel reimbursement.

Kissflow can also be accessed on Android and iOS devices using native mobile applications. It is available for purchase on a per-user basis either annually or monthly.

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